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Tips On How To Run A Successful Restaurant

Events Food

Your Brand

Find your niche and stick to it! 

Competition is rife out there, especially within inner cities. What is it specifically that makes your restaurant different from others? What do you offer that others don’t? Why Should people come and visit you?

Obviously food is extremely important in a restaurant. What cuisine will you be serving? How is your cuisine different from others? What seems to be interesting in the market at the moment is fusion food that entices people to come out and try it rather than just ordering a dominoes and staying in.

However in order to ‘be the best’ you need to go over and above the food. 2019 is all about the Instagram life or more commonly known as ‘for the gram’. Everything you serve has to be ‘instagrammable’. From the display of the food, to the extravagant cocktails and now the interior. Why not have a feature wall or feature bathroom where people can pose in front of, take a picture  and post on their Instagram. This is one of the most effective marketing tactics – Social Media, and it’s FREE!

This lead us onto our next tip nicely…


Marketing is vital to promote and increase awareness of any new businesses. It is also vital to get it right so that you don’t waste valuable money on unnecessary costs. Social media, if done well is the most cost effective way to increase awareness quickly – especially when you are able contact local bloggers and influencers to create content for you. Bloggers and influencers already have a strong, loyal following who can encourage impressionable consumers to dine at your restaurant.

Staff & Service

In hospitality, great service is vital to ensure that not only do customers return, but they also leaves good reviews and recommend it to friends and family. Word of mouth is another free marketing tool that is extremely valuable and effective .

Location, Location, Location

The key things to think about when choosing a property is:

  • Desirable area
  • Plenty of footfall
  • Easily accessible
  • Good size inside
  • Working bathroom, lighting, heating, water and kitchen facilities

Get Your Open Hours Right

Do you specialise in creating delicious cocktails and have a suitable bar area where people can enjoy a drink? Well why not get a late license and let people stay on for hours after dinner – who likes going to clubs these days anyway?

Maybe you specialise in brunch and that’s why people visit you. Well CLOSE AT 5!!

Trust us, people will not want to have a romantic meal and drinks in a cafe type restaurant, so save your cash and give you staff a decent finish time.

Be smart with your opening hours.