Thali Lunch from Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

Healthy Meals from Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

Food Health

Keeping fit and healthy is very important, especially as we get older. However, enjoying ourselves is also very important. Maintaining a balance between these two goals is where every foodie on earth seems to find themselves struggling. On one hand we want to work out regularly and eat low carb, healthy foods as often as possible in order to keep trim. On the other hand, when the family wants to take us out for a nice meal or if our friends want to sit in with a takeaway and a bottle of wine we also want to enjoy it. Of course everything in moderation is good for us, so as long as it’s not every single week then a night out is certainly a good thing you shouldn’t grudge yourself. There is also a way that you can ensure you are eating the best, bad thing possible. Indian food for example, is known to be extremely nutritious. Plus there are specific options you can choose that will keep you on the healthy side of the menu. Below are some ideas for healthy meals from an Indian restaurant Merchant City Glasgow, The Dhabba.

Zaffrani Nisha jumbo tiger prawns from Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

Healthy Indian Food

Traditional Indian food is known to be filled with a variety of different flavours and colours all deriving from natural and tasty ingredients. Typical and traditional Indian diet is composed of roti (flatbread made with atta flour), rice, dal (dried, split pulses), chutney, pickle, beans, and legumes, not to mention all seasonal vegetables and fruits. Although many Indians are vegetarian, there is a large portion of the population which will eat chicken, fish and some meats such as lamb with their meals as well. Overall this diet consists of healthy starch, protein, fats and fibre. So where have we gone wrong with our Indian takeaway or fattening meal in an Indian restaurant? The truth lies in the sauces and the way the food is made.

Unhealthy Indian Food

British Indian food is typically served as a curry which although is packed with vegetables, meats and spices (all healthy ingredients), it is also filled with oils and creams in order to make up its consistency. This is what you should be avoiding. On top of that there are all the fried foods that come with curry: nans, poppadoms, pakoras and samosas. Curries or dishes that are creamy, thick, filled with oils and loads of rice or fried food will not be good for you if you are eating too often.

Murg Achari Tikka chicken breast Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

The Dhabba is an authentic North Indian restaurant serving some of the most delicious Indian dishes that Glasgow has ever seen. Despite its authentic menu, a lot of the dishes at The Dhabba do fall on the unhealthy side if they were to be consumed too often. However, there are tricks to ensure you are not over indulging. First of all you should go for the main a la carte menu as this has a detailed description of each dish so you know what ingredients are being used. If you do feel that you need a starter go for the poppadoms over the bhajis or samosas as they are much lower in calories and fat. For your main dish, if choosing a curry go for tandoori, tikka or bhuna as these dishes usually come without sauce. If you feel you do need a sauce, try one that is made from lentils and no cream or oil. Also if you choose a spicy dish at this Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow, you are likely to eat a little less. Finally, the rice. Although pilau rice is delicious and a signature Indian restaurant treat, it is cooked with oil and has much more calories than plain boiled rice. If you do feel that you need a rice, try eating only half a portion and focusing on your meats and veg first as rice is very filling.