Why Islay Whisky Could Be Your New Favourite Whisky

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Islay Whisky

Whisky on Islay has a rich heritage as does many coastal areas of Scotland.  According to some sources around the early fourteenth century Irish monks are said to have brought their distillation and brewing techniques to the Island. Around the 17th century taxation was introduced on the distillation process. However many islanders continued producing Islay Whisky using hidden  areas such caves and covered areas. It is said officials were fearful of the people on the Island. However nowadays there are 8 distilleries left on the island which still contribute a significant amount of Islay Whisky to the Scottish and international whisky market.  So what makes Islay Whisky unique? This type pf whisky tends to have peaty undertones due to the peat used in the distillation process. In addition to this there are unique notes of sea salt and seaweed that can be picked up on when trying this Whisky.

Islay Whisky

Uses In Food

As well as drinking , whisky can also be enjoyed in a variety of different dishes to enhance their flavour. Here are some recipes we would recommend trying with an Islay Whisky

  1.  Honey and whisky porridge- Ingredients : Porridge oats , cream , milk , sugar , honey and whisky. Mix the porridge oats cream and milk together in a pan use roughly 1/4 pint of milk and a table spoon of cream. Add a dash of whisky and honey after cooking in a pan for 6-7 mins
  2. Cranachan- A mixture of butter , sugar oats , mascarpone and whisky. A traditional Scottish dessert
  3. Dundee cake – Traditional Scottish fruitcake made using sultanas , almonds and various other ingredients. Rich and flavourful
  4.  Vanilla and whisky cheesecake – traditional cheesecake with a mixture of whisky and caramel

Other Types Of Whiskys

Islay Whisky

Other Than Islay Whisky there are a variety of other Whiskys each with their own unique qualities.

  1. Scotch whisky is a form of single malt whisky which is rich in flavour. For any whisky to be classified as a scotch whisky it must be brewed in Scotland and also have been distilled for at least 3 years.
  2. Irish Whisky – Irish whisky is triple distilled in many instances leading to a much smoother and less rich taste. These types of whiskys tend to be light and fruity
  3. A third form of whisky is American whisky- this form of whisky tends to be sweater than its Scottish and Irish counterparts. American whisky is split into several different types: Bourbon, Tennessee , rye, wheat and single malt
  4. Japanese whisky- This form of whisky is new into the whisky scene. This type of whisky is similar to scotch in some ways but is again smoother and often additional ingredients such as honey are added to add extra hints of flavour into the mix

Health Benefits Of Whisky

Here are some health benefits that whisky can provide –

  • Drinking small amounts of whisky in moderation can assist weight loss
  • Whisky can help reduce stress
  • Whisky can help increase blood circulation. Thus reducing the risk of a stroke
  • Whisky can help reduce the chances of heart disease by lowering harmful cholesterol levels
  •  There are  a number of antioxidants present in Whisky which can slow down ageing and additionally help your overall strength of your immune system