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Five Foods that can Actually Help You Breathe Better

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With lung diseases becoming more common and the air we breathe becoming more polluted, prevention could be better than cure by altering ourselves by changing our diet. A study conducted by aiming to find out how much lung diseases sets patients back found out that the average cost of COPD can be anywhere from £2430 to £57490 depending on hospital time. Adding certain foods to your diet could take you a long way and keep your body healthier in general.

  1. Olive Oil-A study conducted by the Environment Protection Agency among middle-age adults giving three groups either olive oil, fish oil or no supplement found that the people who had started taking three capsules of olive oil every day had a better response to the polluted air. A month after the study, participants were put in environments that had clean air as well as polluted air and the people who had been taking olive oil supplements were able to respond better. Olive oil not only helps the lungs but also helps the body strengthen its immune system.
  2. Flaxseeds- Other than the fact the flax seeds have tons of nutrients and improve your cholesterol, they also help you breathe better. A mice study found out that flaxseeds can help reduce lung inflammation and it is believed that it can help patients with acute lung disease.

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  1. Turmeric- Much like ginger, turmeric is also great for your body and has many similar advantages. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also known to help patients with asthma. Turmeric also has curcumin which is known to be good for cancer patients.
  2. Nuts- Vitamin E is essentially what helps when you are trying to reduce inflammation and nuts give your body a dose of Vitamin E. They also help your body produce more red blood cells and will help you breathe faster with less difficulty. Having a handful of nuts after exercising is great for your lungs as well your immune system.
  3. Coffee- Coffee not only wakes you up, tastes good and has the benefits of coffee beans but it also helps your lungs function better for a few hours. People suffering from asthma can benefit from a cup of coffee if they have a stressful day ahead of them. It can help you breathe better and you are also left with a burst of energy so your performance improves as well.