Maintaining A Healthy Diet And Active Lifestyle

Food Health

Having an active and healthy lifestyle is normally something that comes hand in hand with eating a healthy diet. However increasingly the media is giving varying signals as to how we should do this and what may be healthy and what is not.

Fussy Eating

The UK is sometimes known as a nation of fussy eaters. Whilst this is true to an extent thankfully the nation is becoming more accustomed to trying different dishes and parents are encouraging their children to try a variety of different foods. One of the main reasons that parents are doing this is a result of research highlighting levels of obesity. Furthermore , fussy eating can lead to a severe lack of nutrients as well as nutrition which could ultimately be detrimental to someones health overall.

This has led to increasing numbers of parents trying to ensure that their kids have a healthy and balanced diet. Fussy eating can have severe consequences on a child’s health , growth and health overall.

Having A Healthy And Balanced Diet

As well as for the younger generations it is equally as important for the older generations to have a healthy and balanced diet in order for them to live a healthy life. One good way in which to have a healthy and balanced diet is to try and have a fruit smoothie each day. Fruit smoothies are relatively easy to make and can allow you to consumer several vitamins and healthy nutrients in one small drink.

Another way in which you can have a healthy and balanced diet is looking up recipes online that incorporate different meals that you can have which have good nutritional values. It is important that meals are varied and aren’t always made up of the same ingredients. One way in which you can change meals is by having a themed night each week e.g Indian or Italian where you use fresh ingredients such as chillies and herbs to help enhance the dishes flavour as well as improve its nutritional values.

What Barriers Are Preventing People From Having A Healthy Diet

Unfortunately there are a number of factors which are preventing people form being able to have a varied and healthy diet overall. One of the biggest factors preventing people from having a healthy and varied diet is poverty. Poverty is something which is rife throughout the UK and means many families are living from paycheck to paycheck. This restricts the ability of them greatly to be able to afford to purchase healthy foods. As a result lower quality and cheaper food such as high fat high sugar products may be bought which can lead to serious health problems if consumed regularly in future.

How Can We Tackle These Problems?

There are a number of different ways through which these problems are already being tackled. One of the most recent and significant changes that has been made in recent years has been the setup of food banks across the country. Food banks have provided free food and meals to millions across the UK over the past few years and have proved to be an invaluable asset in the face of recession and adversity.