Making Food More Fun: Encourage Children to Eat Healthy

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Trying to get children to eat healthy without it being such a big deal can be difficult at times especially when they would much rather eat sweets and chocolate instead of a healthy snack. All fall outs can be resolved with a few simple steps to encourage children to eat more greens than sugary snacks using the following ideas.


Fun foods for children

Children undeniably are more drawn to colourful things over dull and boring things, they are also drawn more to things cut into shapes that they can identify, for example teddy bear meat, the exact same as any other meat they would be able to eat but because it is something they recognise they would rather that over the other shapes of meat. Even the way food is arranged on the plate can encourage children to eat more healthily.

Watermelon with two heart shaped sections cut out lying next to assorted berries on a plate to make healthy food fun for children

Independent food for children

Children love to feel like they are more independent and being treated like they are older than what they actually are. They enjoy trying new things for themselves and don’t want any help with anything. If children become involved more with picking what they would like to eat out of a range of healthy things as long as they get to pick it, they would be more inclined to want to eat it. This way it lets children eat healthy foods and also makes them feel more responsible and more independent.


Close up of large bundle of blueberries in the sweet food isle


Mixing treats with healthy foods

Children are keen to try new things and as a result it expands their diets to a lot of different food varieties. However some children don’t like to try things that are new if it’s not something they would find appealing or appetising. To encourage children to try new healthy foods parents could make it more fun by rewarding them for trying new things. This would make children want to try more new things as they would be rewarded for it. For example every time the child tries something new, a sticker could be rewarded and put onto a chart and at the end of the week they can get something they want to eat such as chocolate or sweets as a treat for trying new things. After a while the children would be so used to trying the different foods it wouldn’t even be a big deal for them.