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Getting the Right Menu to Match Your Scottish Wedding Bands


Getting every aspect of your wedding day right is important. From your Scottish wedding bands all the way through to the floral arrangements. You want to make it the most perfect day that it can possibly be. After all, it’s going to be a day that you and your family remember for the rest of your lives. The food is also going to be very important. You don’t want to have guests ruining the day by complaining throughout the reception. So here are some tips to getting the menu just right:

Establish a Budget

The most important first step when planning out your menu is establishing your budget. This will be different to everyone as no two weddings are the same. Serving style and number of guests will be the two most important factors here. Will it be a buffet? Or will everyone have a set meal? These are the decisions you are going to have to make.

scottish wedding bands

Start Looking Early

The menu is only as good as the caterer supplying it. In order to get the best possible caterer you should be looking in to them as early as possible. Most people will start searching for caterers twelve months before the big day. While this might seem excessive, it can give you a lot of time to get things like Scottish wedding bands sorted as well.

How Many Guests

The number of guests at a wedding has a huge influence on the menu. You will want to find out how many people are attending your wedding as quickly as you can. If you are having a smaller wedding then you will be able to get more creative with your menu – and make it higher quality. If you are having a large wedding then you are going to have to spread the cost a little bit more.

Find Out Allergies/Special Requirements

It is vital that you find out about any allergies or special dietary requirements that guests have. You don’t want the day to be interrupted because someone with a nut allergy has ate something with nuts in it. When you are inviting guests, make sure to say somewhere about allergies. This way, you can tailor your menu for them.

scottish wedding bands

Give Your Scottish Wedding Bands Some!

When you are setting your menu, remember to get some extra food for your wedding entertainment. This will put them in much brighter spirits and make the night all that more special. Many wedding entertainment acts are ignored when it comes to food, so let them know you appreciate what they are doing.

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