Fruit is a great sweet snack for those who are on a diet

An Easy Diet You Can Follow at Home without Feeling Hungry

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Wanting to lose weight can cause people to go to desperate measures and they begin to throw caution to the wind. Knowing which diet suits your body rather than which diet suits someone else’s or how well it is known will take you a long way. You could be wasting months going according to a diet that your body is not suited to.

  • Low-carb diet- This diet is probably the most well known and the go-to for most people. It has a high amount of protein and barely any carbs, so it goes against the traditional diet of modern society. Participants that are adhering to the diet will stay far away from carbs and supplement it with eggs, fish, meat and fruits. The amount of carbs the person is supposed to have will depend on their goals. A lower amount of carbs for people who want to lose weight and a slightly higher dose of 100 to 150 grams for people who want to maintain weight like athletes.

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  • Paleo diet- The Paleo diet is followed by tons of celebrities and is advertised by millions of brands because of the philosophy behind it. The diet consists of eating food that was eaten in the Paleolithic era which was when human beings evolved the most. The Paleolithic era is what came between the agricultural and the industrial revolutions. This period of time saw foods such as meat and fish as the necessities with a low carb intake. It also has no processed foods, sugar supplements or dairy products. This diet is also known to reduce the risk of heart diseases and help with weight loss. The diet works on the logic that human beings evolved during this era when they were following a protein-rich diet and so going back to it will inevitably make us healthier and more energetic.
  • Eco-Atkins diet- The Eco-Atkins diet is very much like the Atkins diet but has some added rules. It is a vegan diet that gets protein from plant oils, soy and gluten. The bulk of the calories that participants are taking come from fats which make up 45% of calorie intake. 25% is made up of carbs while 30% comes from proteins. It is a middle ground between a vegan diet and an Atkins diet and has been known to show some great weight loss results. It is also good for your immune system and helps people stay healthier.