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How to Improve Your Skin by Eating These Foods

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Our diet and the quality of our skin are intertwined. What we eat has a huge influence on our skin’s health. If you eat fast food on a regular basis then it can leave your skin looking tired and unhealthy. Luckily, there are plenty of different foods out there that can improve your skin. They can provide our body with the right nutrients to make sure we are in tip top condition. This is a list of the best foods for your skin:

·        Red Wine

Red wine is more commonly used as an end of week drink after a tough few days at the office. However, it can also be great for slowing down the aging process in our skin. This is because it contains resveratrol – an antioxidant that is proven to have a number of benefits. It quenches the harmful free radicals that can damage our skin. Remember not to drink in excess though, because that can cause problems in itself.

improve your skin

·        Improve Your Skin by Eating Soy

This is because soy contains something called isoflavones that is able to block or mimic estragon in the body. While providing numerous benefits to our health, they can also improve your skin. The isoflavones have been proven to improve skin elasticity, dryness, wrinkles and protect us from UV damage.

·        Tomatoes

Everyone has had a dish with tomato in it, this food is so common it’s hard to avoid. Did you know that they are a great source of vitamin C and major carotenoids? Okay, so you might not know what a carotenoid is. Well, they can protect our skin from sun damage and prevent wrinkling from occurring.

improve your skin

·        Bell Peppers

Specifically red or yellow bell peppers. This is because just one cup of chopped bell pepper can have 92% of our recommended daily intake of vitamin A. They are also a source of vitamin C as well. Vitamin C can help the structural protein that keeps our skin strong.

·        Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have had a new lease of life in recent times. That is because a range of health benefits were found from eating them – including helping the skin. This is because it contains beta-carotene, which is converted in to vitamin A once in our bodies. It then acts as a natural sunblock and can prevent the skin against any damage.

improve your skin

·        Dark Chocolate

As if we need a reason to eat chocolate? Well, the effects that cocoa have on the skin provide us with one anyway! Make sure that the chocolate is at least 70% cocoa as this will make the most of the benefits it provides. Cocoa is full of antioxidants that can help tackle sunburn – whilst also being able to improve wrinkles, hydration and more