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High-Tech Kitchen Essentials

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From smart appliances that help cooks stay on task to food safety management systems that streamline inspection paperwork, restaurant tech can increase efficiency and convenience. Discover high-tech kitchen essentials without breaking the bank!

Your restaurant technology is of critical importance; from an efficient point of sale system that processes orders quickly to contactless terminals that accept payments anywhere, your technology must support its operations seamlessly.

Braun Immersion Blender

For tasks requiring smaller amounts of food than are ideal for larger countertop appliances like blenders and hand mixers, handheld immersion blenders may be your answer. This streamlined blending system includes a motor body, blending wand and whisk attachment that save space over using separate hand blenders or power choppers.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Two-Speed Hand Blender. We prefer this Braun model over Cuisinart for most purposes as it is more sturdy, quieter, capable of creating smoother nut butter, and comes equipped with a whisk attachment, saving us from purchasing separate handheld tools. Plus it feels comfortable no matter your hand size; something important for fatigue-free operation. Finally all detachable parts that come into contact with food are dishwasher safe for added peace of mind.

Charmline Smart Cutting Board and Knife Set

Stay organized in your kitchen with this innovative gadget! This cutting board and knife set was designed to sanitize tools without using chemicals; plus it’s BPA and latex free!

Four Color-Coded Boards: Each board is specially crafted for specific foods and has an index-style tab to indicate its suitability for various tasks. This helps improve hygiene while making selecting the appropriate board easier.

The boards store in an angled case designed to allow air circulation and facilitate hygienic drying, or they can be put directly in the dishwasher. Each set comes with large, medium and small cutting boards as well as a 5-inch Santoku knife, 3-1/2″ utility knife and 2-inch paring knife for convenient storage and use.

AirHood Portable Range Hood

Many of us do not have access to a built-in kitchen range hood, but this portable model from Airhood can still help create a healthier home environment by sucking away fumes, smoke and cooking odors while simultaneously keeping stove surfaces oil free by preventing build-up.

This polished plastic design is easy to keep clean, making it an eye-catching decor piece in any kitchen. Additionally, its quiet operation and three fan speeds offer maximum convenience.

Airhood is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter by making pledges of either $99 for its wired version and $209 for its wireless model (shipping included for orders shipping within the EU or United Kingdom). Please be aware that additional duties and taxes may be charged depending on where your order ships.

PantryChic Smart Storage System

PantryChic is an advanced kitchen storage system designed to take the hassle out of recipe preparation and portion control, while simplifying mealtime prep. Ingredients can be stored airtight canisters with stackable storage capabilities that automatically dispensing into bowls upon pressing of a button. Plus, its integrated multifunctional smart scale ensures accurate measurements that ensure accuracy and consistency for accuracy in measurements between volume to weight conversions and weight measurements.

Chefling, a smart assistant app that tracks pantry inventory and recommends recipes based on what is available, keeps track of expiration dates to help shoppers avoid food waste, is also connected to this gadget.

PantryChic Storage System costs $299 and features Chefling app, base unit and three smart canisters to make measuring easier and more precise. Make this a gift they won’t soon forget!

Food Mill

Food mills are handy tools that save chefs and home cooks both time and effort in the kitchen. With its manual crank mechanism, this device replaces blenders or sieves when pureeing, mashing and de-seeding are necessary.

Food mills feature a top disc which captures and pushes the food against a lower disk with holes, creating silky-smooth purees in no time! Perfect for tomato sauce, baby food, applesauce or mashed potatoes.

For optimal results, look for a food mill equipped with multiple disks of various sizes – like the OXO Good Grips Food Mill – featuring fine, medium and coarse grinding discs as well as soft non-slip grip and extra base clamps for secure holding over bowls or pots.