Stacks of white bread smothered in butter on a breakfast table

The Real Reasons Why You Should Avoid White Bread

Food Health

Most people know better than to dig into a dozen loaves of white bread but the real cause behind it is the refined flour you are digesting in truckloads. Opting for alternatives can be a good way to go without some of the unhealthy drawbacks that come with white bread.

No nutrients

Refined flour and the food that is made out of it come with barely any nutrients. Refining a grain essentially removes the outer and inner layer of the grain stripping it of its nutrients. So instead of having nutrients and fibre, you are having pure starch. Even enriched flour is not as good as whole wheat because no amount of science can replace the real deal.

Easier to put on weight

With the nutrients removed and the amount of refined flour we are ingesting constantly increasing, the possibility of putting on weight is that much higher. Most diets whether the ketogenic diet or the Paleo diet will advise participants to stay away from refined flour if their aim is to lose weight. This does not mean just your average white bread. It includes pizza bases, croissants and baguettes.

Chef holding a freshly bakes white loaf on a white tea towelOverall health

White bread is strictly avoided by people who have type-2 diabetes or people who want to stay away from illnesses. An increase in your flour intake will increase a certain fat in your body that causes type-2 diabetes. Refined carbs are also no good for your skin because they feed the bacteria in your body. Acne is a bacterial skin condition so in taking a lot of refined carbs only worsens it. It also increases the oil production in your skin which blocks your pores and results in various skin conditions. Carbs are also known to age your skin faster in comparison to a healthier diet that will do more for your skin

Blood sugar levels

Whole grain white bread is known to increase blood sugar levels more than a Snickers bar. Since flour is absorbed quickly into the body, it causes the body to have a spike in regard to blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar goes up it will inevitably crash as fast which results in you feeling hungry only shortly after you ate. This will lead to an endless cycle of eating every hour or so because the hunger will only be dealt with for a short period of time.