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Five Things To Know When Buying A New Boiler Glasgow


Most boilers aren’t works of art, even the new ones. whether you keep them in your kitchen or in the bedroom, make sure you have something nice to cover it. So if you don’t like the look of your old boiler buying a new boiler Glasgow won’t substantially change that, but it can considerably change the amounts showing on your monthly bill.

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Things You Need To Know When Buying A New Boiler Glasgow

When it comes to buying a new boiler, most of us are faced with the challenge of making a choice between either gas or electric as the fuel types for our new boiler. With an ever-increasing demand for cleaner and more eco-friendly heating systems, buying a new boiler is not just about economics, but also about helping to sustain our planet. So what factors should you consider when it comes to buying a new boiler? Read our five main factors that you should take into consideration before buying your new boiler Glasgow:

Buying Bio-fuel

Bio-fuels can be used in boilers due to their availability, low cost, and versatility as fuel types. As it is more environmentally friendly than petrol or natural gas, there is also a growing demand for biofuel boilers. Some countries have made it mandatory for domestic appliances to be fitted with these bio-fuels. Australia, for example, has made it compulsory for all new domestic boilers to be fitted with bio-fuel technology.

Size of the Tank

If you want to use electricity as your primary heating source, you need to choose a size tank that is big enough to provide the heat that you will need. To determine the most suitable boiler for your home, take a look at the kilowatt rating of each of the fuel types to get an idea as to how much heat each system can produce. This is the number one factor that you need to consider when choosing between different boilers types.

Price of the Units

How much money do you want to spend on your new boiler? The price of new units range from three thousand pounds to ten thousand pounds; the more expensive units obviously have more features and power. The most common types of units have about twelve thousand BTU’s and use low sulphur burning fuel. If you use a lot of hot water and high-temperature heating, then the prices will go up accordingly.

Exhaust Gas

On modern boilers, the exhaust gases have high carbon dioxide content. This makes them harmful to the environment. The units that use electricity for their heat production should not be situated near the places where there are a lot of pollutants being released into the atmosphere. The combustion of the gases will emit poisonous substances into the atmosphere. Therefore, if you are located in an area prone to smog release, it would be better not to buy these kinds of units.

Safety Features

As a responsible buyer, you must choose a new boiler Glasgow that comes with safety features. The safety features may include emergency shut down, carbon monoxide alarm, remote monitoring, automatic emergency shut down and more. The more advanced safety features are more reliable as compared to the older models. For example, on an old model, if the pilot light fails to trip, it would automatically stop heating the house; this may not necessarily be safe, especially since there are many chances that the pilot light might trip due to rough or uneven floors or because of poor wiring of the system.

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Final Words

Buying a new boiler Glasgow can be an expensive and complicated process for most families, but when you think of the advantages- it’s simple really: the more reliable your new boiler, the less money you will spend on potential repairs.